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My rates (excluding any current promotions) for U.S. Callers are
$2.00 per minute with a 10-minute minimum.

Ask For LACEY @ 1-866-923-4633.
Our lovely hostess will tell you if I am available and take your information.

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit or debit cards.
We also accept AMEX Gift Cards.  Sorry, No Visa/MC Gift Cards.


All charges appear discreetly on your credit card statement as:
"1-866-995-7474 SYMMETRY CONCEPTS"

We also accept money orders; please call
for more information & the mailing address.

Callers from Canada and the United Kingdom are welcome at a flat rate of
$3.50 per minute. 10 minute minimum still applies.

No Connection Fees & No Hidden Fees.
BBW Phone Sex With No Limits Lacey!
Call No Limits BBW Phone Sex Babe Lacey at 1-866-923-4633 Anytime!
Phone Sex BBW Lacey Is Hot & Ready!  Call 1-866-923-4633 Now!
Hi guys, my name is Lacey and as you can see, I am a BBW Phone Sex Girl with No Limits!  I hope you like plump girls because I am definitely a phonesex plumper!  There's  plenty of me for you to grab onto, that's for sure! 

As you can see, I am a Phone Sex BBW -  and quite proud of it.  I have embraced myself and am completely comfortable in being a larger woman - I truly think of myself as a Big, Beautiful Woman!

Let's talk about "no limits" and what that means to me... there really isn't anything that I am not willing to talk about, discuss or roleplay.  I love to delve into dark fantasies and taboo fetishes and anything extra kinky always gets my appreciation.  Don't worry that you will shock me or disturb me because I really am open to anything and everything.  I haven't ever been classified as a "good girl" if you know what I mean so bring it on.  If anything, it will be me that shocks YOU with some of my dirty stories and erotic exploits.

Back to the fat girl phone sex... I'm not shy and I'm not sensitive about being overweight.  Want to call me names and humiliate me for being such a fat pig?  No problem!  It kind of gets me off actually.  Pick on the fat girl - believe me, I'm used to it!  I enjoy being submissive and made to do filthy things so if you have a Dominant streak I'd love to serve you in any way that you wish. 

On the flip side, I can also be quite wicked and controlling myself and I like to put wimpy losers in their place - I certainly have the bulk to back it up with.  I love to have every fold of my wonderful flab worshipped and adored as well and I absolutely won't hesitate to put you on your knees and have your skinny ass service all of my needs.

Well, that's a little bit about me.  I'd love to learn about you, too, so please, pick up that phone and let's share our cravings!